egh, anyway, I guess it’s kinda weird but these are the puppets. When a survivor dies, instead of being sent to a new world- Wes would take them and turn them into puppets to use against the survivors instead of sending hounds. the only way to kill them would be to cut the strings that are attached- wheren the survivor would break free a’la meat effigy.

Wilson’s face is stitched into a grin, Wes hated seeing Wilson constantly frowning- oh, and he liked machines, right? His body is crudely mashed together with cybernetic parts.

Willow’s face is hidden underneath a gas mask, she’s constantly screaming as she’s yanked around. She’s always angry, so Wes drew a smile for her! how nice of him :)

Maxwell’s face is half hidden under a mask that loosely resembles William Carter. His other eye is stitched shut.

Wendy is half-mummified, and a smiley face is drawn on her bandages. :)

then I got bored.